See the Full Picture of All Your Spend Data with Basware “Ease of Integration”

Basware was named a Leader in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Procure-to-Pay Suites. Read more to learn why our ease of integration played a big role in securing the Leader position and how Heineken Nederland consolidated multiple ERPs using Basware.

Basware Acknowledged for Ease of Integration

In the 2019 Garter Magic Quadrant for Procure-to-Pay Suites report, Gartner stated that “Basware has strong integration capabilities, backed by strong feedback from reference customers for integrations with back-end ERP/financial systems especially.”

We bring over 30 years of integration experience to the table, so we have the skillset and knowledge required to integrate seamlessly with your other business applications. Basware Procure-to-Pay integration simplifies the complex nature of IT infrastructure, freeing up time and resources to focus on other business objectives and opportunities.

Because of built-in certified configurations, Basware bridges all the gaps between our solutions and your multiple ERP systems and applications, assuring there will never be a bottleneck in your process and creating a consolidated view of your spend data in one location.

Seeing the Full Picture

Many P2P vendors only satisfy the need to match their purchase invoices with purchase orders (PO) created in the system itself. But what about external purchase orders created in ERPs and other purchasing solutions?

If you’re not importing and matching against those external POs, you’re not seeing the full picture. With Basware’s integration and unique matching capabilities, you can match to all kinds of external POs and truly automate your accounts payable process and understand how your organisation is spending money.

Why You Need Simple and Seamless Integration

Today’s global corporations often end up having multiple ERP systems as a result of various mergers and acquisitions, or simply having a diverse business and production lineup. However, that shouldn’t result in unnecessary complexity and expensive IT projects. Your procure-to-pay solutions should be able to easily integrate with all your ERPs and become the central hub of financial data between the systems. At Basware, our propriety solution makes that happen easily and can seamlessly integrate with all your ERP systems. In fact, we have experience with over 250 different ERPs.

Integration with Basware minimises the need for additional configurations because everything needed for integration lives in the tool itself. With the risk of sounding technical, our customers’ positive feedback makes us proud what all we handle for you with our integration:

ERP integration

  • Master data

  • Transferring business documents from and to ERP

  • Matching purchase orders with invoices

Extending business rules

  • Business document validation

  • Invoice tax calculation

  • Business document workflow

  • Budget validation

Support from the World’s Largest Open Business Network

Basware’s procure-to-pay integration ensures the flow of accurate data across key business solutions and provides ample visibility and access to critical information. The best part is Basware Procure-to-Pay cloud service seamlessly integrates with the Basware Network – the world’s largest open business network. This means more reach and more connections to aggregate your data in one solution. And because the Network is free and easy to join for your suppliers, you can onboard 100% of your suppliers to integrate them into your electronic procure-to-pay process to:

  • Increase collaboration with suppliers

  • Enable suppliers to provide electronic catalogs

  • Allow suppliers to receive purchase orders, confirm, and manage changes to orders electronically

  • Speed up the accounts payable process and reduce costs by offering your suppliers options to send invoices electronically: in genuine XML-based e-invoices, via email using our new SmartPDF service, or by entering invoices or converting their purchase orders to invoices in the portal. And of course, via paper.

  • Decrease business costs in managing suppliers by delegating supplier information management to suppliers themselves

  • Speed up the purchasing process.

Certified Integration with Leading ERP Systems

Not only is our integration quick and cost effective compared to other tools, but Basware solutions come with certified ERP intelligence, enabling seamless interoperability with the world’s leading ERP systems, including SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics.


  • Basware is certified for SAP NetWeaver and supports integration with all current and future SAP systems.

  • The SAP Integration and Certification Center assures that Basware properly integrates with the SAP ERP through a connector that is based on SAP-endorsed integration technologies.


  • Basware is a member of the Oracle Partner Network.

  • The Basware solution is a leading middleware for the Oracle ERP family.


  • Basware is a Microsoft partner and collaborates with Microsoft Business Solutions.

  • Microsoft has the world’s third largest base of ERP applications.

Heineken Nederland consolidates multiple ERPs

Heineken Nederland was running 5 different ERPs and processing over 430,000 purchase order invoices a year. Since they were operating in a fairly complex and intricate environment, they were looking for a way to:

  • Quickly and seamlessly integrate their several ERPs into one location,

  • Integrate invoice processing solutions with their complex IT environment,

  • Automate their electronic and paper invoice matching, and

  • Simplify their processes and save time.

To achieve all their goals, they adopted Basware Procure to Pay.

After just 9 months, Heineken Nederland automated their invoice process and united their five ERP systems. They saw a 95% decrease in approval time for electronic invoices, which they owe to implementing invoice automation. 

Learn what else Heineken Nederland achieved after adopting Basware Procure to Pay in their case study.

Director of Product and Business Management, North America Jason brings over 15 years experience in global enterprise software product management. He has lead development, product management and marketing initiatives in procurement and accounts payable in both the private and public sectors. As Director of Product Management, Jason serves as a product leader for source to pay initiatives including eProcurement, eInvoicing, and AP Automation.