Prepare your Accounts Payable team for the future with AP Pro

Basware recently introduced an enhanced accounts payable solution, AP Pro, with a completely new user interface and increased functionality that accelerates invoice processing and deviation management. Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) based predictive analytics alerts users to identify bottlenecks and potential late payments, empowering clients to accelerate payment to key suppliers during these challenging times. 

The new AP Pro functionality is a result of customer feedback and enhancement requests. It features an actionable dashboard with improved search functionality and a one-stop-shop experience for all key AP tasks. AP Pro offers easy tracking of invoices, enabling AP professionals to better manage their workload and speed up the invoice processing cycle. AP Pro was designed with professional users in mind and represents the future of accounts payable. 

Fully revised design and user experience 

The new user interface offers a true one-stop shop experience. In a single glance, AP professionals have a complete overview of all pending invoices within the system and can immediately begin working on relevant tasks. In addition, the new interface reduces the need to navigate between different areas of the application. One master view makes invoice processing, especially deviation handling, faster and smoother than ever before. 

To make life easier for an AP clerk, AP Pro has improved search functionalities and customizable options, allowing easy tracking of invoices and workload management.

Increase touchless processing of invoices 

Developing the best possible AP department and processes inside your organization is a continuous challenge, as AP workload only grows with business success. With Basware’s cutting edge technology, specifically designed to manage large invoice volumes, your AP department is prepared for the future. 

Our touchless invoice processing automates the handling of PO, non-PO, direct purchasing, paper, and recurring invoices in all formats, including EDI, XML & PDF. This means less manual handling and interventions during the AP process, resulting in streamlined AP operations. 

Succeeding as a team 

Decentralized AP operations is not uncommon. For example, when AP tasks are spread out over multiple locations or shared service centers, AP Pro supports this challenge by allowing process-owners to monitor and allocate AP team tasks across different service centers. This facilitates workload balance and simplifies management of AP staff. 

More improvements to come 

This is only the beginning. In addition to the new user interface and enhancements mentioned above, we have many more great features planned for the year ahead. These will help your organization continue to drive touchless processing, improve exception handling, and identify opportunities in your AP processes. 

Ready to learn more?  

Staying on top of best-practices and developments in accounts payable is not an easy task. Our job at Basware is to take the complexity out of the AP process – so you can concentrate on the growth of your business. Are you interested in learning how Basware can help move your AP to the next level? Click here to book a demo with our AP experts. 

Senior Specialist of Global Product Marketing At Basware Jens is responsible for Product Marketing for Accounts Payable (AP) and the Basware Network. In this function, Jens helps to communicate new Basware features & identify market trends.