VINCI Energies Centralises Invoice and Order Flow Worldwide with Basware

When you’re dealing with millions of incoming and outgoing invoices each year and have a presence in 52 countries like VINCI Energies does, it’s essential to use an e-invoicing solution that supports you now and in the long term. That’s why VINCI came to Basware when their old invoice digitisation solution was no longer supported by their provider.

VINCI Energies was looking for a long-term partner capable of supporting them worldwide in a way that would allow them to both send and receive invoices in multiple ways. The solution they chose thanks to the help of their advisors, Mazars and Accenture, needed to allow them to send and receive paper invoices, PDF invoices, invoices via a portal, and via EDI. Plus, they wanted everything to be manageable within that single solution.

After growth comes reconciliation

After having experienced massive growth and acquiring more than 100 companies, it was time for VINCI to undertake a major rationalisation and process-optimisation project to increase efficiency, productivity, and visibility. But moving these many stakeholders onto a single solution was not going to be an easy task. VINCI needed a trusted partner with whom they could work, as well as an organisation that could take the unique constraints and requirements of each stakeholder into account – regardless if they were a customer, a supplier, or another type of collaborator.

“Basware’s expertise is vital... supporting us and helping us to manage internal changes as well as those concerning our customers and suppliers.” – Dominique Tessaro, CIO of VINCI Energies

Replacing an obsolete e-invoicing process

They wanted more than just putting a provider in place. Instead, they sought to find an innovative and long-term solution that could handle intra-group invoices, internal invoices, and supplier invoices. Basware was able to help them, while reassuring them that they were in good hands. In fact, a large reason why they chose Basware was because the human and interpersonal services demonstrated by the Basware team during the bidding process made them stand out from the 8 short-listed providers.

Today they have rolled out the solution to 9 countries globally: France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Australia and New Zealand, while managing to integrate everything into a single ERP system – and the journey is going well so far.

Ready to learn more?

Download the full case study to find out more about how many millions of incoming and outgoing invoices they plan to process by 2022 using the same solution (Basware) worldwide and how this has enabled them to continue enjoying close relationships with clients.

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