Unveiling CFO Strategies for Long-Term Value Creation – Webinar Insights

In today's ever-changing economic landscape, finance leaders grapple with cyclical realities and long-term secular trends. A recent webinar shed light on the imperative need for strategic responses, emphasizing the role of technology and automation in addressing these challenges.

Macroeconomic Headwinds and Strategic Considerations

The discussion opened by acknowledging the macroeconomic headwinds affecting industries, including inflation and interest rate fluctuations. The presentation skillfully highlighted the intricate interplay of technology, expanding regulations, and the evolving role of people in the finance landscape. An exploration of how these elements shape the financial terrain set the stage for the transformative solutions discussed in the webinar.

Tangible Benefits of Automation

Concrete metrics were shared to illustrate the benefits of automation, creating a tangible narrative of success. This included a significant increase in the number of invoices processed per AP specialist, high rates of electronic invoicing, faster invoice processing times, and impressive touchless processing rates.

Urgency to Act to Secular Drivers

The webinar concluded by reinforcing the urgency for finance leaders to act promptly, given the intensifying impact of secular drivers such as technology, regulation, and workforce changes. Basware advocates for using accounts payable and invoice automation as a catalyst for transformation, enabling companies to reallocate resources, drive business continuity, and enhance enterprise value creation.

Lights Out Finance: Deloitte's Comprehensive Program

Deloitte's "Lights Out Finance" program was introduced as a beacon of innovation, focusing on four key areas: data management, technology layers (cloud, ERP, best-of-breed solutions, and generative AI), process automation, and a flexible service delivery model. The aim is to guide finance functions toward fully automated, value-added processes while creating an appealing and tech-savvy environment for talent.

Exploring the Lights Out Finance Report

To delve deeper into these insights, finance leaders are encouraged to explore the detailed report on Lights Out Finance. This invaluable resource offers a comprehensive approach to addressing the evolving landscape of finance automation

Basware and Deloitte's Strategic Partnership

The collaborative spirit between Basware and Deloitte showcases a partnership that goes beyond conventional solutions. Together, they provide finance leaders with a roadmap to navigate the complexities of financial automation, steering toward a future where efficiency and value creation are paramount.

To dive deeper into the transformative insights shared, we invite you to watch the webinar on-demand. Explore the dynamic discussions, concrete strategies, and innovative solutions presented by industry leaders.

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