Enabling World-Class Partner Implementations with Basware's Sound Boarding Service

Today's world is fast paced, especially within the technology sector. What is learned, quickly becomes outdated, requiring continuous learning to get back up to speed. This is especially true in software and Cloud businesses where new versions are rolled out frequently.

These version releases allow businesses to immediately benefit from provider innovations and new functionalities based on feedback from all players within the ecosystem, including customers, partners, and software providers. However, version updates also impact how the software is used, configured, and optimised to achieve the new benefits, so there is a constant need for learning within the ecosystem to stay on top of the game.

Customers typically experience new versions and features through the Cloud, while software providers try to minimise drastic changes to existing workflows within the business. Learning new features may feel frustrating or intimidating at first but is quickly forgotten once the time savings and benefits are attained.

Partners that implement Cloud software seemingly have it more challenging. Not only do they have to keep up with new features, but they must also understand complex configurations while minimising impact to existing business processes. This enables system optimisation and provides the customers with maximum benefits and return on investment (ROI). The need for constant learning requires an efficient knowledge transfer process, initiated by the software provider to the implementation Partner, then on to the end customer.

Software providers such as Basware are key drivers in developing these learning processes within the ecosystem. Basware must develop new, innovative, easy to learn functionalities to support the transfer of system knowledge to its Partners and customers. A comprehensive and reliable process is essential to onboard new implementation Partners, in terms of software implementation and configuration, and how skills can later be developed and renewed.

In recent months, Basware repositioned their partner strategy to align partners as an integral pillar within the global growth strategy. To communicate the importance of Partners and improve strategic initiatives, Basware updated its global strategy, recognising that a well-constructed and supported Partner ecosystem is vital to increase scalability, grow new opportunities and streamline processes. Consequently, investments were made to boost resources and expertise within the Partner community.

The Partner Center of Excellence (PCoE) is the latest addition to Partner-focused functions within Basware in addition to the recently launched Premium Partner Support unit. With the transition to a partner-led business strategy, Basware continues to invest time and effort into its Onboarding Program, and recognises that collaboration and expert knowledge transfer between the implementation Partners and Basware Solution Architects is an underutilised area of engagement. The new PCoE function encourages these two teams to interact, share ideas and collaborate throughout each project. This fluid exchange of information and technical discussions allow the implementation Partner to access best-practices and tips from Basware.

This service was created with implementation Partners in mind, so naturally it was piloted with existing Basware Partners. Based on Partner feedback from the pilot, the new Basware “Sound Boarding” service was created. Basware encourages its Solution Architects and implementation Partners to test the viability of new technical solutions through advanced advisory sessions. The Sound Boarding service enables this and is provided by Basware’s PCoE Team, exclusively for Basware’s implementation Partners.

The Sound Boarding service is ideal for implementation Partners that have completed the initial Basware training program and their first basic project(s). Through the Sound Boarding service, Basware aims to help develop its Partner’s existing talent and lift their implementation skills to the highest possible level. The Sound Boarding service is flexible and provides the implementation Partner with feedback on a variety of advanced technical topics during the advisory sessions. The implementation Partner is assigned a dedicated Solution Architect from Basware for the duration of the project to ensure full visibility and continuity of engagement.

The following highlights some key benefits for implementation Partners when utilising the Basware Sound Boarding service.

Technical Topics


Solution Design

The solution design is perhaps the most critical phase of any project. The technical solution can be validated by the Basware Solution Architect and best practices can be shared for optimising it. This enables to maximise the value of the solution to the end customer.

Build & Configuration

Ad hoc advisory can be provided to the Partner implementation resources during the build and configuration phase. This saves time and boosts the learning of advanced implementation skills.

Architecture review

The implemented solution can be reviewed by the Basware Solution Architect as to align with the technical plan and best way of configuration. This enables optimisation of the solution with minimum need for maintenance.

Test Plans & Quality Gates

Test plans can be reviewed as to make sure they include the relevant use cases. Each solution must pass the Basware quality gates before going live. Consequently, advisory relating to quality gates enable smooth passing and going live as per the project schedule.

Handover items

It is essential that the implemented solution is of high quality so it can be easily supported. A check is performed to make sure the solution includes the required documentation for support.

(flexible topics)

The Sound Boarding service is designed to be flexible and allows for advisory on a variety of topics. The Partner is encouraged to bring their own technical questions to the Sound Boarding sessions that they wish to discuss. Sending questions in advance enables preparation and efficient Sound Boarding sessions.

The outcome of the Sound Boarding service is quite simple. Basware aims to provide peace of mind for the implementation Partner by verifying technical configurations, accelerating the learning process, and reducing project risk. Basware envisions an ecosystem where Customers receive highly optimised systems, Partner sales opportunities increase, and all involved benefit from the joint success between Basware and the implementation Partners. 

To read more on our “Must Win Battle” pertaining to partnerships, check out this blog, celebrating two years of our Partner Program. If you'd like to learn more about the Basware Partner Program or want to apply to join the Partner ecosystem get in touch with one of our Partner representatives today.

Global Head of Partner Center of Excellence (PCoE) Niclas has 20 years of international experience within the technology sector and specifically in Smart cards, Financial Management, and Purchase to Pay solutions. He has engaged closely with customers throughout his career in positions such as Project Management, Customer Success Management, Consulting, and Support while also heading these functions in Europe and Apac. Niclas is responsible for the new Partner Center of Excellence (PCoE) function at Basware. This is an important new strategic initiative as it enables increased collaboration between Basware and its implementation Partners and fuels future growth.