SmartOrders: The Easy Way to Send Electronic Orders to Your Suppliers

According to research collected by DMR, the average office worker receives 121 emails a day and sends out an average of 40. Given businesses’ dependency on email, we created SmartOrders -  a new service that allows buyers to send purchase orders in PDF format to their suppliers through actionable emails.

Make emails work for your POs

In the world of purchase to pay, though we realise the email numbers listed are high, our email inboxes (both incoming and outgoing) frequently exceed those statistics. What can we say? It takes a lot of communication to keep organisations moving.

But during the daily grind of business, there are some hassles that frequently appear, slowing down communications and bottlenecking business progress.

  • Struggling with outgoing purchase orders in various formats

  • Data errors that lead to even more tedious manual work

  • Lack of visibility into purchase orders, impacting the speed and confidence of business decisions

With SmartOrders though, emails will work in your favor, eliminating these hassles and providing a simple, straight-forward way to send POs.

Basware SmartOrders

Basware has introduced SmartOrders, an easy way for buyers to send electronic purchase orders (POs) and for suppliers to respond to those POs. The key to its ease of use comes in the form of “actionable emails.”

Buyers send POs in the form of PDFs to their suppliers through an actionable email. Then, suppliers receive the emailed PO, send order responses, and flip the POs into invoices all from the email itself. It’s that simple.

Plus, suppliers don’t need to register or login into any application in order to use this service. The simplicity of sending, receiving, responding, and flipping POs all from one email communication drives supplier adoption and increases collaboration between buyers and suppliers.

Aside from the benefits of supplier collaboration, adoption, and an overall easy way to send and receive POs, when you use SmartOrders, you’ll realise additional paybacks such as:

  • Elimination of paper-based manual processes for increased efficiencies and cost savings

  • Enhanced visibility and control of your POs thanks to a reduction in lost or missing orders and a decrease in order processing delays

  • Fewer errors and improved data quality with error-free supplier communication and fewer wrong deliveries

How does it work?

Sending a PO via SmartOrders can be done in 4 simple steps:


More than just emailed orders

SmartOrders is part of Basware e-Orders for Buyers, a comprehensive service that allows the exchange of electronic purchase orders and messages between a buyer and their suppliers through the Basware Network. Basware e-Orders covers a number of different methods of electronic purchase order delivery, including via EDI or XML, through the Basware portal and of course PDFs via email.

Ready to learn more?

Contact us to learn how you can start using SmartOrders and read more in our factsheet.