McDonald’s e-Invoicing: The Secret Sauce Behind AP Success

When you think about the word McDonald’s, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t e-invoices.

But perhaps it should be, because in order to get those hamburgers, fries, and shakes to the table, McDonald’s Germany needs a way of processing more than 270,000 invoices each year from their suppliers.

Streamlining Invoices from Nearly 30,000 Businesses

Although they have been automating invoices from their larger suppliers for a good few years, McDonald’s Germany needed a way to ensure the invoices from approximately 29,880 remaining smaller businesses’ with whom they work – including microenterprises – could be streamlined.
In line with the German tax simplification law (Steuervereinfachungsgesetz) and the German VAT law (Umsatzsteuergesetz), it was important for their Munich-based accounts payable team to receive invoices by email in PDF format, process that data automatically, and ensure compliance with VAT legislation. So they turned to the Basware e-invoice solution.

Saving Time Allows for Early Payment Discounts

Not only could the e-invoice solution help them process invoices in only 35% of the time it used to take, this time saving also meant that they could profit from early payment discounts more often.

“This software has surpassed our expectations” – Daniel Voigt, Senior Manager of Process Management, McDonald’s Deutschland

Spare a Thought for the AP Team

So, the next time you eat a McDonald’s hamburger, spare a thought for the accounts payable team behind the scenes that work so diligently, and now far more efficiently, thanks to the collaboration between their back-office team and Basware’s e-invoicing software.

“Basware PDF e-invoice helps us save time and money when processing invoices. I would choose Basware again.” – Daniel Voigt, Senior Manager of Process Management, McDonald’s Deutschland 

Download the full case study to find out more about:

  • How long it took to migrate large suppliers, before moving on to smaller ones

  • How it became easier to connect suppliers – thanks to the Basware Network.

  • When McDonald’s plans to roll out Basware to its franchisees.

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