It’s Not Magic; It’s a Perfect Fit – How Basware Ensures Your P2P Deployment Leaves Nothing Behind

Basware tied for first in “Ease of Deployment” according to Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Procure-to-Pay Suites report.

At the end of the day, Basware isn’t just about the technology. Sure, we offer an end-to-end suite that simplifies operations and helps you spend smarter. But, we also offer continued support for our customers, regardless of where they are in their transformation journey. That’s a major part of what sets Basware apart from other purchase-to-pay suites – we focus on the people first.

The Basware product is a modern and mature software that has been fine-tuned (and we’re talking over 30 years of fine-tuning) to make customers’ lives easier by simplifying their source-to-pay process. And we don’t just hand you off to a third party for implementation or leave you unequipped to manage the large change alone. Our goal is always to keep customers at the center of our mission, not just sell you software.

Global Reach for Those Who Need It

One part of Basware that makes our solutions easy to deploy is our focus on global suitability. This concept describes how well-equipped a solution is to not only implement a new process but to also offer continued support to customers across multiple geographies. Lucky for our customers, we’re widely recognised for our ease of global deployment, superior technical support, and consulting capabilities worldwide.

Implementing a new solution in a multinational organisation can be a big task. Working across multilingual interfaces, dealing with multi-currency transactions, and making sure you comply with country-specific mandates can seem like a big list to check off when shopping for purchase-to-pay solutions. But, we’ve got you covered. The Basware user interface is intuitive for a global workforce and even offers multilingual technical assistance so you can get the help you need, in the language your employees know best. Since we’ve got customers and offices all over the world, we’re prepared to handle currency transactions and can help you address those compliance needs.

We make global deployments easier and help companies realise ROI goals quickly. With our global capabilities, it’s easy to deploy our solutions regardless of your geographic location. And we’ve got the experience and customers to prove it. Our purchase-to-pay suite:

  • Offers more languages than almost any other solution

  • Has over 100 purchase-to-pay customers surpassing $1 billion in revenue, headquartered in 13 different countries

  • Leads invoice automation for global organisations

  • Has multilingual teams in multiple countries to make supplier onboarding easy and provide consulting for any problems faced.

Chances Are, Your Suppliers are Already Here

If you’ve got great suppliers and you’re worried that moving to a different solution might call for a supplier breakup, it won’t. In fact, the Basware Network is free and easy to join for your suppliers, meaning you can get them registered and get your company back to “business as usual” quicker.

We have also partnered with more than 220+ interoperability partners around the world to ensure customers have access to even more buyers and suppliers. Plus, since the Basware Network is the world’s largest open business network, you even get the opportunity to expand your reach and connections, supporting business growth beyond your current state. It doesn’t take much convincing to onboard 100% of your suppliers when joining the network is free and easy for them. But the Basware Network offers more than just free supplier registration and a vast supply of additional suppliers and buyers, it also:

  • Allows suppliers to provide electronic catalogs

  • Gives suppliers the ability to receive, confirm, and manage purchase orders electronically

  • Speeds up the accounts payable process and reduce costs by offering your suppliers options to multiple ways to send e-invoices.

Success Stems from a Hands-on Approach

Unlike other companies who drop a solution in your lap, never to be seen or heard from again once the contract is signed, Basware helps you through the whole process. Typically, a technology provider just looks to technology to solve a company’s purchase-to-pay problems. But, that only ends up addressing a part of the bigger issue. We look at your whole situation and consider the people, processes, and technology to help you fix underlying issues.

We’re not interested in just dropping off our solution and leaving you to figure out the details; we have a specialised staff that dedicates their work to making sure you’re utilising Basware in the most efficient way to get closer to your company goals. We achieve this in a few ways:

1. Work with Experienced, Consultative Partners

We come with over thirty years’ experience, so we know a thing or two about the purchase-to-pay business and the technology that’s innovating it. Even better, we don’t just come with experience—we genuinely want to share it with you. That’s where our Advisory Services come in. These specialists can help you:

  • Identify and adopt industry best practices

  • Locate and build agility into your processes

  • Leverage the latest innovations best-suited for your unique situation

  • Manage effective change and onboard your team to transformation

  • Discover new possibilities that you might currently be overlooking

2. 360 Evaluation

Our 360 evaluation is an in-depth approach that our team of business consultants uses to help organisations determine where they are in their purchase-to-pay transformation journey and what they can do to continually progress.

In a 360 evaluation, you’ll get an individualised analysis that will help you better understand your maturity and identify areas of your business that need improvement. Then, we’ll work together to build solutions to improve processes. And—if you haven’t noticed the theme here—we’ll provide coaching and support through the whole process.
What you’ll end up with is a roadmap to success, outlining short and long-term goals for your company. We’ll establish deliverables and timelines and help prioritise initiatives, so you can get to work on your transformation journey with a strategic approach.

What Sets Us Apart

Change management isn’t something we take lightly, and we implore our customers to adopt the same approach. Though there’s no replacement for a changemaker within your business, sometimes help from an external source can act as fuel to the transformation fire. Basware acts as that extra fuel when you need it. Our goal is to onboard your team and give them the knowledge they need to easily deploy our solutions and understand their role in the bigger picture.

We’ll help you determine your goals, work through the solutions, plan an approach for successful change management, and support your continued transformation journey. Together, we’ll see what can be changed, added, and improved upon from a process perspective, and find ways that our solutions can make a difference. We can also walk through what policy-related issues might be missing and could be encouraging wrong behavior within your organisation.

Let’s Not Forget the Technology

Though we’re pretty keen on change management and helping you successfully deploy our solutions, our technical capabilities shouldn’t be left out of the conversation. Part of the reason our solutions are so easy to deploy lies in what our technology can do. Our solutions easily integrate with all your ERP systems—and actually, we have experience with over 250 ERPs.  Everything you need for successful integration is right there in the tool itself, so you won’t need to put time into additional, time-consuming configurations. Because you can integrate with so many ERP and Procurement systems, your company can start small, establish the right deployment template, and then scale quickly to the rest of the company. With Basware’s help, your organisation can develop and deliver a solution fit for the whole company. Meaning you can get to work on the things that matter and achieve ROI faster.

Vice President, Global Services Sales and Offering