How Software, People, and Advisors Combine to Serve the Perfect Meal

As long as a software works, we may not care what goes on behind the scenes—and most for the time we don’t need to. But someone does.

Have you ever had a truly unforgettable experience at a restaurant? If so, you probably weren’t thinking about what was happening behind the scenes to make that possible. All you know is the food was amazing, the wine was delectable, and the ambience was spot-on. But there’s one other element that contributed to make it really special: the people.
In restaurants we may not give much thought to how the food is prepared, or whether the chef was trained in Paris or Penzance, but the result is obvious in the end product.
In some software companies, though, there’s someone who is responsible for making sure that your business has the optimal software experience, supported by a great team. This group works hard to make sure that what you’ve bought is actually delivering the results you were hoping for.

At Basware, This is Our Advisory Services Team

Once upon a time, on-premise software had to be installed manually. Although this was often time-consuming and delayed, it did mean that people learned about the latest changes while they went through the laborious upgrade process.
Nowadays, everything is in the cloud, which means all the goodness of the upgrades is delivered without people having to think much about it. It’s great because it saves time and effort – but it does run the risk that there’s no one to advise on what’s new, how you should be making most of the upgrades, and what best practice processes are.  
We know that the best experience is about helping people get more value so, like a great restaurant manager, our advisory service team works with you to make sure that you get the best possible outcome for your business. Unlike in a restaurant, our focus isn’t on the food—it’s instead on three very different aspects:

  • Our product,

  • The expertise that we can share about our product, and

  • Your business.

Our Advisory Services team works with you to help you reach your goals. We help you look behind the scenes and identify areas that you may not have thought much about, in order to improve processes and achieve results quicker. We work together with you to build an ecosystem where success happens.

Are You Getting the Most out of Your Basware Solution?

Basware Advisory Services provide value consulting – something that allows you to get the most out of your solution since it’s always evolving and improving. It’s like ordering the raspberry tart and being presented with a raspberry mille feuille – it’s still going to taste amazing, but you might have to eat it in a different way to get the most out of it. (Cake forks, anyone?)
Our Advisory Service focuses on using industry experts to teach you about the technology that we live and breathe every day and translate it into the language of your business. We partner with you, get to know your business, and apply our knowledge of best practices. Here’s just a few ways we’re always working to push you in the right direction:

1. 360 Evaluation
Taking the maturity lab many steps further, we study and build a 360° view of your agreed Source-to-Pay priority areas using stakeholder interviews and analysis, insights from your analytics and our own observations from on-site workshops to then build an action plan through a series of collaborative exercises to identify opportunities that leverage technology, people, process and policies to support and develop your priorities.

2. Maturity Lab
We make an assessment of your maturity across source-to-pay to identify your strengths and where you could be doing better. We then agree which maturity areas need to be developed as a priority and together build an action plan designed to increase maturity and overall performance.

3. Continuous Service Optimisation
We help you proactively manage your constantly evolving business needs while also leveraging the very latest capabilities made available by Basware’s continuously evolving cloud based solutions. We do this together by planning and prioritising solution optimisations across four release windows each year, ensuring a high quality implementation of change requests and optimal business outcomes.

4. Customer Service Management
Our team of highly knowledgeable experts focus on benefit realisation, helping our customers achieve the most with and become advocates for Basware. Their main main goal is driving continuous value for our Customers with our tools.

We’re always there, always on, and proactive not reactive. We have the frameworks in place to help you develop the maturity your business needs to reach your version of success. We provide a catalogue of advisory services designed to drive your adoption, maturity and capability and offer valuable insights to customers in exchange for service credits.  
The result is a perfect melange of our products, your needs, and our services to help deliver customer success.

One Last ‘Sweet Treat’

Would you like to know how Basware’s customers have managed to reduce costs, go 100% paperless, send 96% of invoices via email, pay 85% of their invoices in 7 -10 days, and match 97% of their invoices automatically? If so, read our whitepaper, "Change Management for Purchase to Pay: Best Practices to Apply Now." Questions? Reach out--we're here to help.

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