Customer Spotlight: How DHL Delivers a Global Purchase-to-Pay Solution with Basware

How is it possible to roll out a global solution on time, every time? Gabrielle Philippens from DHL explains why they chose Basware to help improve their processes, and how they have collaborated to ensure that the rollout to more than 100 countries worldwide is going smoothly.

DHL’s history of innovation dates back to when it was founded in 1969. Their simple, yet ground-breaking idea was to deliver shipping documents by air, so they would arrive at customs before the freight itself. Since then, they have made the international logistics company a household name in over 220 countries and territories. They aren’t just the world’s largest logistics company – they’re also one of the most innovative.

This innovation spans their delivery methods as well as their internal processes, so DHL Express were happy to talk to us about how they are using the power of Basware’s technology to roll out a full purchase-to-pay solution that manages how they send and receive invoices and match these with purchase orders around the world.

Automation and Standardisation to Improve Efficiency

When DHL chose Basware to reduce team workloads and simplify reporting on a global scale their goal was to standardise and automate their full purchase-to-pay process across more than 100 countries.

"We wanted to look at the global process to follow and global policies to adhere to, and what systems need to support that process" – Gabrielle Philippens, BPO Consultant, DHL.

DHL currently uses Basware solutions including Basware Invoice Processing, Basware Scan & Capture and Cloudscan, Basware Purchase Management and Basware e-invoice. At DHL, Basware has now been integrated with SAP, Oracle, SUN, and JBA System 21, all from a single Basware installation.

To date, they have successfully implemented Basware in 50 countries, with anywhere between two and six more countries being switched over each month.

"These rollouts are happening quite smoothly and always on time." – Gabrielle Philippens, BPO Consultant, DHL

Global Reporting for Global Purchase-to-Pay Improvement

Not only has Basware managed to help them make their whole purchase-to-pay process simpler, they can now instantly extract reporting data globally, meaning that like-for-like comparisons between countries now couldn’t be easier. All the KPIs are measured and are comparable across entities, which helps decision-makers improve their processes even further.

DHL are just one example of Basware’s ability to deliver solutions that span the full procure-to-pay process on a global scale with all the associated benefits including full visibility, improved reporting, and the value of having data at decision-makers’ fingertips.

Download the full case study to find out more about:

  • Why the close working partnership between DHL and Basware has been critical to success

  • What lessons have been learned throughout the process

  • How it has been possible to roll out Basware hand-in-hand with an upgrade, or while moving to another ERP.

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Director of Customer Marketing, Basware