Customer Feedback—The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Feedback is a gift.” A cliché? Yes, unfortunately—because those four little words pack a profound punch that gets ducked in today’s jargony world.

Usually when it comes to gifts, the receiver gets all the attention. Sure, there’s some excitement for the giver, but giving a gift is mainly about the person receiving it. That’s where customer feedback is a little different—it truly is a gift because the giver also benefits from actions taken from the feedback.

Gifting Goes Both Ways

At Basware, we regularly survey our customers and deeply appreciate the thoughtful responses we receive. We don’t wait for feedback to come to us. We invite feedback and act on many of the suggestions that come back to benefit our customers. That’s just one of the ways we strive to keep our business as customer-centric as possible. We understand the importance of having solutions that go beyond just working, they instead work with the customer in mind.

We’re All Affected by Customer Experience Scores

We take our Net Promoter Score (NPS) seriously. NPS is a considered a gold standard of customer experience measurements. It’s used to calculate and convert customer experience and customer loyalty to a company. Using a single-question survey, each customer rates a company by how likely they are to recommend that company to a friend or colleague.

Did you know that nearly every Basware employee has compensation tied to our customer satisfaction survey results? Even bonuses for our more behind-the-scenes operations such as marketing are incented by this score, even though they may never directly interact with a customer. When we talk about taking care of customers, we put our money where our mouth is.

More Than a Solution

I was just reading through responses from our most recent customer satisfaction survey and was struck by the number of times that the word “partnership” was used. It’s affirming that Basware is more than a just a world-class P2P vendor to our clients.

We’re seen as a partner in helping customers achieve greater business success. We always have things to improve upon and are grateful that we have clients to tell us exactly what those things are. That’s a gift that we return to our customers many times over. 

Bring on the Feedback!

If there’s one thing missing, it’s more gifts, AKA more feedback! Our survey response rates have increased significantly in the past year. It’s still not enough. We want to hear from every one of you. Bury us with your feedback. We review every single survey and take the ratings and comments to heart. Whether it’s a support case closure survey, a project closure survey from Professional Services, or a customer satisfaction survey, please take time to respond. Give the gift of feedback. It’s what lets us give back to you. 

Keep on the Lookout for More

If you’re interested in learning more about Basware’s customer-centric model and what we’re doing to keep our customers at the center of the Basware universe, you’re in luck. This is just the first of a few blogs that will dig deeper into this topic. In the meantime, if you have questions feel free to reach out - we’re here to help!

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