Basware & HOYTS: Australia’s Leading Entertainment Company is Starring in a Cloud Transformation Love Story

Australia’s leading entertainment company has been in business for more than 100 years and yet they’re continuously improving to make sure everyone has the best experience when they visit their cinemas. That includes the people behind the scenes: those who manage their sites as well as the back-office staff who process all the invoices associated with keeping movie-goers happy. But they can’t do it alone.

For more than 10 years Basware has been providing the essential software that lets HOYTS scan, code, review, approve and pay their suppliers’ invoices. Basware has helped empower HOYTS’ managers at sites to make sure they take charge and ensure everyone has a good experience when they come to a HOYTS cinema.

“That’s exactly why we don’t need them spending hours and hours on admin and that’s where Basware comes in. We can really easily transmit invoices and get them approved and make it seamless so they (managers at cinema sites) are not focusing their energy on admin things.”
– Niroshan David, Group Financial Controller at HOYTS

Why move to the Cloud when things are working fine?

Basware has been working well for years, so why did HOYTS decide to move to the cloud? It wasn’t an easy decision since Basware had built them a great system that they weren’t eager to move away from, but Niroshan knew they had used Basware’s on-premise invoicing system beyond its sell-by date.

It was an old, outdated system and they had reached the end of life. The costs were increasing for the platform and they realised it didn’t make sense to keep paying more money to keep an old system working.

The cloud seemed like an obvious solution for them, with many benefits.

“One of the biggest things about Cloud is it’s going to be constantly upgraded. You’re not going to rely on your IT team – they’ve got plenty to do already. They say it could improve your business agility, lower your costs, improve the speed of processing, let you be more agile, provide more support and give you better control of spend.”
– Niroshan David, Group Financial Controller at HOYTS

Basware was the best fit for HOYTS

They went to the market and looked at various options, including doing a variety of cost-benefit analyses but, at the end of the day, they questioned whether they could rely on other providers like they had been relying on Basware. Ultimately, they decided that Basware was the best fit for them.

“We wanted something that is reliable, flexible, has the right support and security. We reviewed a lot of products on the market but, in the end, Basware was the best fit for us.”
– Niroshan David, Group Financial Controller at HOYTS

The results: a continued relationship for the foreseeable future

HOYTS has now committed to moving to the Cloud with Basware, and they’re not looking back. They have chosen to put their faith in Basware, a global brand with high quality customers around the world, and they’re looking forward to the Basware / HOYTS sequel.

Download the full case study to find out more about:

  • Why HOYTS believes it is so important to upgrade technology in order to look after critical business functions and

  • What popcorn and accounts payable have in common.