Basware and Are Finland: A Perfect Match for Large Quantities of Small Invoices

How do you manage more than 25,000 invoices per month when many of them are for low sums of money? At Are, Finland’s largest technical building services provider, this was a challenge that they knew Basware could solve.

With operations in 25 localities across Finland and St. Petersburg, Are aims to service buildings and their occupants quickly and effectively. In order to do this, it is critical that their building services professionals have the right tools to do the job. But what happens once these materials have been used and the client needs to be billed?

“At Are, over 85% of our invoices are worth less than 1,000 Euros. It does not make sense to spend too much time processing them.” – Paavi Tuominen, Are

What is a relatively simple task when dealing with a few, large invoices becomes far more complex with many small invoices – especially when time and accuracy are of the essence. To resolve this issue, Are needed a system that could match invoices and provide approvers with mobile access to their system.

How Does Are Bill Many Clients for Small Amounts?

Are is using Basware’s purchase-to-pay solution to help them in their invoice processing and ensure their clients are appropriately billed for all the materials involved in the maintenance of their clients’ properties.
When the time came to take their software to the next level, Are chose to upgrade to Basware’s SaaS solution, while simultaneously carrying out a SAP upgrade. It was no small task, but it certainly showed significant benefits.
“In the first few months, the system has automatically matched 57% of Are’s PO-related invoices.” – Paavi Tuominen, Are

Automatically Matching Purchase Orders – A Perfect Match

This came down to the improved ability of Basware’s full procure-to-pay solution to match purchase orders with invoices automatically – an extremely powerful solution that made dealing with small orders, and the administrative burden that placed on Are’s team, far simpler.

Download the full case study to find out more about:

  • Why they decided to change from Basware’s on-premise to the SaaS solution

  • The other benefits (such as time savings) that Are experienced by moving to the cloud

  • A lesson they share about the importance of change management.