Basware and ABB: Reducing Invoice Processing Time by 50% Through Automation

ABB, a leading manufacturing company, process millions of invoices a year in 100 countries worldwide. Before partnering with Basware to implement automation, they processed all their invoices manually -- a system that proved to be time-consuming and unreliable.

ABB urgently needed a more efficient way of processing invoices that would provide visibility and standardisation across the company. With a clear vision in mind, they decided to establish country-based shared Accounting Service Centres and automate AP operations. After extensive research, they chose Basware for its flexibility and capability.

“We were particularly impressed with Basware’s ability to connect to multiple ERPs. Additionally, the solution’s multi-language and multi-currency capabilities, along with Basware’s global operations, were essential to support our global organisation.”

--  Pether Jonsson, Group Vice President.

Much to their delight, ABB were able to onboard the project in line with the initial time schedule and budget with the help of their Customer Service Manager (CSM), who continues to work with them to optimise the system.

Invoice processing time cut in half

ABB uses the Basware system to streamline the invoice processing workflow. As a result, the time it takes them to process an invoice has reduced by 50%. Before, everything was done manually, whereas now, scanning, validation and incorporating the invoice onto the system is done in a single step.

“As the invoice data is captured electronically, the time and effort required is reduced, as are the sources for potential errors,” Jonsson explains.

Global gains and improvements

Basware continues to work closely with ABB to optimise its AP operations through automation. The company has been able to effectively match invoices with purchase orders and some countries are already achieving 60% complete automated processing.

Basware has been implemented in 18 countries and counting, including Switzerland, Russia, China, and Japan.

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