Tokmanni Manages Groceries in Store and on the Cloud with Basware

What do you do with half a million invoices when it becomes clear that managing them on your own site (on-premise) is no longer sustainable? The cloud isn’t just the answer for e-invoicing and procurement: it allows unprecedented matching and visibility – as Tokmanni discovered.

When landing at Helsinki airport, the first supermarket store international visitors will notice is Tokmanni. This is hardly surprizing, though, as it is the largest discount retailer in the Nordics – with 175 stories around Finland, and an online store.

So how does Tokmanni manage the vast numbers of invoices and purchase orders that help its stores run efficiently? The answer lies with the Basware SaaS purchase-to-pay solution that they’re using in the Cloud.

Tokmanni and Basware: A Partnership that Has Evolved

Today Tokmanni processes approximately 500,000 invoices per year and at least 450,000 direct purchase orders (POs). This has grown steadily since they started using Basware in 2008 – and today they are actually receiving 95% of their invoices electronically as well as matching almost 70% of their invoices directly to POs.

Why Did Tokmanni Move from an On-Premise Solution the Cloud with Basware?

Eventually, the time came for them to move from their on-premise version of Basware’s solution, to the cloud. They did their homework before choosing Basware, but in the end, the benefits of continuing the partnership was clear.

“For five years, we co-developed new functionalities to increase the matching level and improve the batch processing features of the invoice processing system. When we realized that the new SaaS solution included those features by default it was natural for us to continue our collaboration with Basware.” – Heli Tolonen, Financial Manager, Tokmanni

Upgrading Ahead of Schedule

While IT projects are not always known for on-time delivery, Tokmanni and Basware actually managed to finish this project ahead of schedule, thanks to the commitment of both companies’ project teams. How did they do it?

Download the full case study to find out more about:

  • Key lessons for project management success

  • How Tokmanni started using payment templates for recurring invoices

  • How smaller suppliers of goods and services are benefiting from a web-based solution

  • Visibility, matching, KPIs and how Basware is even helping them further improve processes all the time.

But don’t stop here…

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