The top influencer of business commerce – consumer commerce

With digitisation and efficiency top of mind for CPOs, adopting a digital procurement solution that mimics a consumer-like atmosphere while providing the controls necessary in a B2B purchasing process is a surefire way to help businesses reach their procurement goals.

Digitisation is here to stay.

Digitisation has found its way into all organisations. COVID-19 forced businesses worldwide, even those that weren’t already, to quickly adapt to a remote-capable world which means digital processes are becoming the new default. Popping into someone’s office for a quick question has turned into a quick ping on Slack. Brainstorm sessions formerly held in an office around a whiteboard are now being conducted on Microsoft Teams instead.  And though some found the adjustment minorly inconvenient and others hit a bit of a learning curve, the digitisation of basic business processes has been an overall success. 

But for some reason when it comes to digital transformation, business purchasing still falls behind the curve, even though digital transformation and operational efficiencies have been top of mind for CPOs.

B2C shopping is the key to successful B2B procurement.

Business procurement for the end-user shouldn’t look too different from the consumer buying experience. And in all reality, your business procurement solution should mimic the needs of basic, simple shopping habits – like those of consumers. In a recent Forbes article, the author states that “COVID-19 has been a catalyst for the consumerisation of the enterprise, meaning that employees are coming to expect more consumer-like experiences in the workplace.”

Adopting an e-procurement solution that embraces these consumer-like influences gives end-users a familiar interface they’re already acquainted (and possibly a pro) with while also fulfilling CPOs’ goals of digital transformation and increased efficiency. It also harks back to the position many businesses found themselves in during the onset of the pandemic. Supply chains needed to keep moving. Suppliers needed to be paid to keep afloat. Items needed to be purchased. Pandemic or not, businesses needed to keep moving. Digitising procurement is just one more way that regardless of location, procurement is still in action. Capgemini stated it simply, saying, “…requests can be done anytime on any device and the experience should be like the use of the B2C platforms.”

Simplified buying, from end-users to professional buyers

Basware’s e-procurement solution offers this exact type of buying experience. Simple, straightforward, and much like the consumer buying experience we all know and love. Basware Marketplace, our online business marketplace, helps organisations successfully address priorities such as business continuity, remote-capable buying, digital transformation initiatives, and process efficiency boosts.

With features such as guided purchasing, the ability to highlight preferred items, and the general ease of searching, filtering, comparing items, it’s simple to purchase products compliantly. The checkout experience is consolidated into one location regardless of how or where you purchase from in the solution - from catalogs, punchouts, or free-text items.  

The professional buyer’s life is made easier thanks to preferred items and guided purchasing, the easiest ways to direct users to preferred product or catalogs, ensure compliant buying, and save time answering queries. And the user’s life is simplified by having predetermined items already approved for purchase, saving everyone’s time and energy, and increasing efficiencies on all sides.  

Many of these features are what we expect from a consumer shopping experience, so why wouldn’t they be a part of the business shopping experience, too? All the above supports the simplicity and seamless experience seen in the consumer world. When you log in to Instacart to order your groceries, it’s easy to type “pasta” into the search bar and filter by brand and cost. And we are all used to shopping this way because frankly, it’s easy. And because it’s so easy to find exactly what you’re looking for all from the comfort of your couch, users do not mind coming back to use the app time and time again. This same usability, simplified user experience that encourages repeatable actions, and ease are what bring consumers back and it’s the same interface that will bring users back to your e-procurement solution – supporting those digital transformation initiatives that are so important.

How does Basware Marketplace benefit businesses?

Basware Marketplace can benefit medium-sised businesses to larger organisations that operate on a global scale and organisations that are likely to need a procurement solution that: 

  • Is straightforward to use and mimics the business-to-consumer (B2C) shopping experience. 

  • Keeps everything automated and in compliance – with ease. 

  • Has a strong focus on user adoption to ensure digital transformation agendas are successfully met. 

  • Supports the move from transactional management to strategic collaboration with a network of external partners for new, innovative business models. 

  • Reduces maverick spending as the procurement solution becomes the easiest way to purchase. 

Get your organisation ready.

Consumers want a straightforward buying experience, and if given the opportunity, business users do too. It’s just that up to this point, some procurement teams haven’t taken the leap to digitise their processes. But with a simple, straightforward interface, a digital procurement solution with an intelligent business marketplace not only supports greater initiatives of digital transformation and process efficiencies but also ensures business continuity and purchasing compliance. E-Procurement is here to stay – is your organisation ready? Find out how Basware can help: 

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Director of Product and Business Management, North America Jason brings over 15 years experience in global enterprise software product management. He has lead development, product management and marketing initiatives in procurement and accounts payable in both the private and public sectors. As Director of Product Management, Jason serves as a product leader for source to pay initiatives including eProcurement, eInvoicing, and AP Automation.