New Year, New Customized e-Procurement Interfaces

New releases to the Basware e-Procurement solution focus on enhancements geared towards making the solution easy to use for all types of users. By making the user interface (UI) even more streamlined and intuitive, your organisation can drive 100% user adoption of your procurement solution. Read more to learn about the recent improvements and additional access levels created to increase usability.


Basware Purchase has always focused on being a seamless step in how employees already do their job. It’s built with the end user in mind – not just the professionals in the procurement department. Shifting the focus to the user enables organisations to achieve 100% user adoption and with features such as line-item requisition, dynamic routing and approvals, and guided buying, it’s simple for users to procure the right item, at the right price, and from the right supplier.​

With this elite level of usability and visibility, 100% user adoption comes easily, maverick spending is squelched, and procurement teams find it easier stay on top of KPIs. To contribute to business’ ability to attain 100% user adoption, we consistently innovate and have been focused on developing functionality that meets the individual needs of specific user types.

Different Needs for Different Procurement Users

Different users have different needs when it comes to ordering goods and services through the procurement system. How often a user needs to buy something and their technical savviness likely varies from person to person and depending on function, their ways of working are probably very different from each other, too.​

But like stated earlier, the only way to achieve 100% user adoption is to ensure that the system is logical, intuitive, and works for every type of user. So, with recent enhancements to the Basware Purchase solution, we’ve made it easy for all users to utilise our procurement solution—even those who aren’t procurement professionals.

UI Updates for Casual Users and Contractors

Two new levels of user access have been added to create a more straightforward user experience and contribute to gaining 100% user adoption. These levels are primarily targeted at casual or infrequent users or even subcontractors and contractors. In other words, this simplified UI was created for users who infrequently log into the system or those who are not employees of the organisation at all. The two new levels are:

  1. Simplified Basware Purchase – for infrequent users

  2. Restricted Basware Purchase – for contractors and subcontractors

With the simplified purchasing functionality, casual users users can:

  • easily request items from any source,

  • get approval, and

  • receive the items.

These users cannot:

  • edit requisitions,

  • search for documents,

  • collaborate on documents,

  • be selected as an approver, or

  • perform the more complex purchase functionalities.

These restrictions ensure that casual users can easily order goods and services using the system, while at the same time preventing them from being overloaded with a lot of unnecessary information when trying to place simple orders.

Restricted purchasing functionality takes user adoption to the next level, by ensuring that even your contractors and sub-contractors can now use the same system for their procurement needs – significantly reducing maverick spending and increasing spend visibility. With this new level of access, all of the above functionality is also available for sub-contractors but without exposing the pricing information to them at any stage in the purchase process.  The biggest advantage of restricted purchasing is that it enables even sub-contractors to go through the same preferred purchasing channels as employees, while protecting the company’s negotiated and confidential supplier pricing agreements.

100% Visibility and User Adoption – Learn more

The key to profitability is increasing visibility across your organisation and improving control over purchasing. And the best way to do this is to ensure you’re making procurement as easy and compliant as possible. These improvements to the user interface and unique developments for certain user profiles will make their jobs easier.

Keep an eye out for more improvements in Basware e-Procurement as we expand usability features for professional users, too.

Finally, make sure you’re getting the most out of your e-procurement solution—download our free eBook now.