Integrate with Open APIs to Build a Business Ecosystem

Integration is a key component of our software solutions. And fortunately, it’s an area where we excel. It’s an objective of ours as a leading purchase-to-pay (P2P) organisation to make it as simple as possible to build solutions addressing business needs and integration using open APIs can help create holistic ecosystems that do just that. Read more to learn about the benefits of open APIs and how we’re helping customers with our new and improved developer site.​

Build holistic ecosystems through integrations

For global organisations, integrations can be complex, costly, and time-consuming IT projects. So, even though the data sits in multiple systems, it flows back together and is united at the core through the open API.

We at Basware want to enable our customers (and their system integrators) and partners to integrate with us easily. Basware offers flexibility by providing several integration methods as well as integration services and inhouse delivery competencies. Basware has gained this competence from the numerous integrations we’ve implemented over the years and have even turned this aptitude into what we consider API excellence. By offering a variety of integration methods, coupled with our experience, Basware significantly accelerates integration delivery for customers.

Why integrate using open APIs?

An open architecture enables you to manage your suppliers and spend using a core spend management platform like Basware’s, but also allows you to capitalise on specialist services and new technology as it emerges. More and more, analysts and organisations are realising that end-to-end suites are no longer the only answer. But open APIs that support ecosystems are. They allow seamless, secure, and interactive integration across ERPs, applications, and tech modules. Plug in, plug out through an open API to build best-of-breed ecosystem environments.

APIs can help you create a seamless network to improve value transfer with clients, vendors, suppliers, partners, and employees. The use of open APIs will increase visibility and control over integrations with improved implementation time through standardisation and reusability. With Basware APIs, you are in control of your integrations no matter if the integration is done by the customer or integration partner.

Introducing our renewed developer site for fast and easy integrations

To build and manage integrations effectively and easily between various cloud services, excellent integration capabilities are required. Good integration capabilities include a good developer experience. To offer this experience for all developers, we have introduced a developer site combining all the documentation and information regarding our APIs.

This developer site will help develop integrations faster and with less effort. The site is easily accessible through your web browser and provides access to constantly updated documentation. It combines all API documentation under one site, including:

  • An API selection guide to help better understanding of which APIs are needed in certain business scenarios

  • Full API manuals for detailed information on usage scenarios, common considerations, and fair use practices

  • API reference providing detailed field-level information about Basware API

  • Practical examples that work out of the box for the most common scenarios to help get started with API integration

  • FAQ to get help with the most common questions

This site is publicly available for all Basware customers, developers, partners, 3rd party system integrators, or anyone else who happens to be interested. If you want to better understand Basware’s integration capabilities in more detail, you can access the information online. With up to date and easily accessible documentation, it is easy to onboard new developers or integration partners and help familiarise them with the Basware API.  

API usage has been increasing steadily and we see that our customers are starting to adopt APIs at an increasing speed. There are now 23 customers in production with Basware API and many more ongoing projects. Just in August 2020 alone, there were over 5.5 million API calls made in total.

Expanding the capabilities on our APIs

Basware continues to build on open APIs as we believe they form a foundation for building a holistic ecosystem and the future of S2P. We will expand the capabilities of our APIs and, in the future, we will also introduce more process APIs and some self-serving capabilities like monitoring APIs. We will continue to update the developer site and evolve it into a complete integration knowledge hub. So be sure to keep checking back in for the latest additions and advancements!

See for yourself and learn more!

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Learn more about Basware integrations to ERP and other financial systems in our whitepaper.

Hanna has over 15 years experience as a Senior Product Manager. At Basware, she leads the development of our integration and data management capabilities. In particular, her focus is on enhancing the Basware customer experiences through innovations to Basware's cloud services.