ConnXus, a New Look at Supply Chain Sustainability and Inclusion

Daryl Hammett
Chief Operating Officer
ConnXus, a Basware reseller

As a leader in procurement solutions, supplier diversity, and SRM, ConnXus is thrilled to enter a reseller partnership with Basware, the global leader in networked source-to-pay solutions.

With Basware’s proven cloud services, ConnXus hopes to provide a holistic view of supplier management across our customers’ entire supply chains and give our customers access to best in breed procurement solutions. We look forward to fostering a collaborative relationship that gives our customers access to the larger global market which connects millions of organisations worldwide.

ConnXus Speaks “Supplier”

At ConnXus our differentiating factor is our ability to speak to the supplier side of sourcing, helping foster more collaborative buyer-supplier relationships. From our experience in supplier diversity expertise, we believe the key to creating tomorrow’s sustainable supply chains lies in today’s inclusive procurement strategies.

It’s critical for businesses to vet and work with diversified suppliers. Customers today are increasingly expecting corporations to be transparent and act in a socially responsible manner. Working with diverse suppliers helps your buying organisation come up with new product and process innovation. Tracking your diverse spend also promotes business in the public sector and helps you meet government reporting and compliance requirements.

Measure the Impact of Suppliers

We recommend measuring the impact of your diverse suppliers in the communities where you live, serve, and work. Analysing the economic impact of your diverse spend helps paint a better picture of the way your business affects the nation, and the world. Diverse suppliers create sustainability by positively impacting their local economy, creating jobs and generating revenue and taxes.

Diverse businesses can also impact your bottom line. Many are nimble and quick, able to innovate with creative solutions for your business. The nature of these businesses is to drive cost and value creation. Maintaining a diverse supplier base also mitigates risk through sustainability and innovation.

If you’re not being intentional about sourcing from diverse suppliers, your organisation may be missing out on a big opportunity.

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ConnXus supplier management software solutions simplify the complexities of global supply chains and allow buyers to achieve their goals of responsible and sustainable sourcing. ConnXus is a CPUC-certified minority-owned business enterprise based in Mason, Ohio with local, regional and international capabilities. For additional information about ConnXus and our growing suite of supplier management solutions, visit