Basware becomes an acknowledged Peppol service provider in Japan

On 13 September, Basware received acknowledgment as a Peppol Service Provider from the Digital Agency of Japan. Learn more about this accomplishment in this blog.

In September 2021, the Digital Agency became a member of the international organisation (OpenPeppol) that manages the international standard specifications for electronic invoices called Peppol and is working to develop standard specifications for Japanese digital invoices based on Peppol. Full-scale. Currently, a standard specification called "JP PINT" has been formulated and released.

Peppol International Invoicing Model (PINT) is an international Peppol BIS 3.0 format. This version has been created to meet international requirements and allows local-specific requirements.

In July 2020, the E-invoice Promotion Association (EIPA) was established to develop and promote a standard e-invoice specification. EIPA has been conducting different research projects and plans to build a standardised e-invoice system –in 2021 the adoption of Peppol was proposed as the new national standard. Peppol service providers will also become a critical part of the setup and have a fair share in e-invoicing businesses.

Ensure Critical Peppol Connectivity Across the Globe With Basware

Basware has been at the forefront of developing e-invoicing and e-procurement solutions, and continuously keeps track of the latest local requirements on a global scale. Through the Basware Network, your organisation can ensure globally compliant B2G & B2B connectivity, be it via Peppol or other local legal requirements.

In fact, Basware has been a central part of Peppol's development efforts since its very beginning. Going back to the late 2000s, Basware was the first official access point that sent the very first live transaction in the Peppol Network. Ever since, Basware has been an integral part of further developing and improving the Peppol Network, with the strategic goal of delivering compliant global B2B & B2G connectivity to our customers.

An Official Peppol Access Point

The ability to connect to the Peppol Network is a must for many organisations and will only become more relevant moving forward as Peppol adoption rises across the globe.

As an official Peppol Access Point, the Basware Network enables your organisation to connect to Peppol and transact with your buyers and suppliers seamlessly.

Senior Product Manager, Network Solutions
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