5 Steps for a Successful P2P Cloud Transformation

According to a study by the Cloud Security Alliance, 33% of organisations have a “full steam ahead” attitude toward cloud services. Once your business agrees to make the transformation from on-premise to cloud-based purchase to pay, you may be wondering, “what’s next?”

Step 1: Success Lab Completed. Congratulations!

So, you’ve done it. After completing a Basware Success Lab, you’ve made one of the best decisions possible for your organisation. You’ve decided to leave your outdated on-premise purchase-to-pay solution behind and transform your company to the cloud.

Get ready, because you’re about to realise extensive benefits such as:

  • Enhancements in information security

  • Improved adherence to both global and local compliance requirements

  • Increased automation capabilities

  • Setting the foundation for emerging technologies

  • Optimised costs

  • 100% spend visibility

  • Actionable analytics to better inform your business decision

  • A future-proofed organisation

Step 2: Meet your teammates

Like we’ve said before, we don’t expect you to go through this process alone. That’s why when you transform to the cloud with Basware, your organisation gets a dedicated team of specialists trained and prepared to walk you through your unique transformation.

Your team consists of:

1. Project Managers: Your Project Managers manage, plan, execute and coordinate all the resources you’ll need for your transformation. They’ll identify key stakeholders and with them, agree on the scope of your project.

2. Business Consultants: Your Business Consultants analyse your environment and identify and help drive change in your organisation. They’ll help build a change management plan and assist in your transition. After the implementation, they’ll continue to work with you to ensure optimisation of the solution.

3. Solution Architect: Your Solution Architects provide expertise in business process and product capability discussions. They’ll lead the design of your overall solution and implement the integration itself.

4. Enablement Consultants: Your Enablement Consultants work with you to drive supplier activation. They’ll coach you to use best practices in supplier activation and design a communication approach to ensure you start on the right foot.

Step 3: Initiate Launch

The first parts of “Initiation” are led by your Solution Architects. This is where you and your Solution Architects will focus on the technical and detailed design of your desired solution. Then, your Solution Architects will design the supporting integrations and a deployment plan will be verified, built, and tested.

Next, your Enablement Consultants will step in to help you build an “activation approach,” equipped with a campaign plan, materials, and an internal communication plan to ensure communication is crystal clear.
Halfway through your “Initiation” phase, you’ll meet with your Business Consultants to analyse the operational impact of the transformation and make a plan to best manage any potential changes.

The last step of “Initiation” is back with your Enablement Consultants, whose job it is at this point to ensure that the activation campaign is ready to go and approved.

Step 4: Build & Validate

Just as at the beginning pf “Initiation”, during the first steps of “Build & Validate,” you’ll rejoin your Solution Architects to build, configure, and integrate your cloud solution. You’ll also designate focus groups made up of key project team members and give them early access to the cloud solution. Your Solution Architects will also test and validate that the integrated solution build is working as it should.

During “Build & Validate,” you’ll team up with your Business Consultants to train key stakeholders on using the solution. And you’ll continually meet with them for regular coaching and monitoring of the established change management plan.

The last part of “Build and Validate” entails working with your Enablement Consultants to ensure that the activation campaign agreed upon during “Initiation” is finalised and ready to be launched.

Step 5: Deploy and Optimise

With your Solution Architects by your side, you’ll go live with your Basware cloud solution. They’ll help ensure a high-quality deployment and provide solution support where and when you need it.

Business Consultants will then provide additional operational support to any of your teams affected during the Go Live event.

Once the cloud solution is successfully implemented, Business Consultants will continue to coach you, showing you how Basware Analytics will be your one-stop-shop for managing performance and defining optimisations.

Ready to learn more?

Want to learn more about how you can improve your organisation and transform to the cloud? Contact us and schedule a Success Lab today! If you’re still unsure if P2P on the cloud is the right choice for your organisation, read the Forrester Total Economic Impact Report to learn about the savings and ROI available through transforming to the cloud. 

Vice President of Sales - Nordics